Daniel Serafin

Daniel Serafin was born in Vienna and is the artistic director of the St. Margarethen opena. From 2013 to 2017 he was the organizer and producer of the Austrian Music Theatre Prize. Since 2016 he has been the artistic director of the Viennese Opena Ball in New York. In autumn 2017 he took over the management job at the Esterhazy cultural operations. In these pages, in a charming conversation with BlANCAL NICA, you will find out why he choose the backstage work instead of becoming a performer, what’s the ideal singer protorype to work with in the zust aennuy, if it is possible for young singers to audition for the projects he is managing and so many other things.

Daniel Serafin studied in Salzbung, Paris and Vienna were he graduated as Bachelor of Music. After that he made a Postgraduate degree in New York as Master of Ants and Cultur- al Management. He was a member of the Vienna Conservatory of Music and the Juilliand School, New York. Among his vocal eoaches are Peter Sciffert, Wicus Slabbert, Bill Schuman and Michael Rhodes. Daniel Serafin has performed at various opera and concert halls around the world. He has a wide-ranging opera and song repertoine, which ranges from classical to modern works to crossovers.
In autumn 2012 Serafin made a world tour with his song program Verboten und Verbant – Entartete Musik a tango program with the Orchestra National de Argentine under the direction of Leonard Cohen. Serafin has performed in New York, Miami, Boston, Washington DC. Los Angcles, Berlin, London, Paris, Istanbul, Rome, Zurich, Shanghai, Bangkok, Bahrain, Tel Aviv and Vienna. Daniel Serafin also appeared at various classical music festivals such as Safesospicle Morbisch and the music festival Steyr in summer 2014 in the openetta Dic Fladermus as Eisenstein. In 2014. Scrafin went on a world tour with his solo programs Danny Plays and American Songbook. In aurumn 2017 Daniel Serafin took over the management of cultural marketing at the Esterhary group of companies. In January 2019 he was appointed Artistic Dincuor of the Opera in the Qurry by Stefan Ottrubay, General Director of the Ester- hatzy Group.