About competition

On September 24, 2022, we are planning to establish and ceremonially open the International Black Sea Festival – „Batumian Rhapsody “in Batumi at the Spring Theatre. As a part of the festival, we are also planning to organize the International Opera Competition – „Opera’s Golden Voice “which will reveal young talented opera singers. From September 24 to September 30, the stage of Batumi spring Theatre and State Drama Theatre will host up to 60 young vocalists from around the world competing for the first place. An international jury will evaluate the contestants. The jury will contain world-class opera stars, heads of opera houses around the world, opera agents, and so on.

The competition aims to recognize exceptionally talented young vocalists, support their professional development and career growth, and promote their activities in major opera houses and institutions across the world.

The competition is expected to be held once a year, and vocalists aged 18 to 35 will be eligible to compete.

Applying to the competition will be able on the festival’s official website. In where applicants can manage to read about the competition and also, pay for the pre-competition material: Tax: 150 GEL for all citizens (At today’s money market rate it’s c.a €45) (Socially vulnerable families and persons with disabilities will be registered without charges, as Our support for Ukrainian Citizens they will be also registered without charges). On the website, participants can also present a short biography and link to high-quality video recordings of 2 opera arias with the accompaniment of piano or orchestra, which have been recorded during the last 6 months. After submitting, on scheduled days, a group of competent persons will select and announce singers who can participate in the competition. Selected contestants will have the opportunity to rehearse with experienced pianists every day and work with the orchestra in case of proceeding to the third round. As a part of the competition, we also plan to organize lectures and masterclasses by well-known singers.

The competition consists of three rounds. Two of them will be held at Batumi spring theatre and the final round in the Batumi State Drama Theater. The audience can attend freely. The competition will have a competent jury composed of 9 persons from all over the world. On the morning of September 23, appearing singers will be registered and distributed to the pianist-concertmasters. Rehearsals will be held at Zakaria Paliashvili Music School and the next day will also be scheduled there.

On the evening of September 24, up to 60 contestants will be introduced to the audience at the opening ceremony of the festival competition, where by voting, particularly by picking the numbers up from the drum, they will be given their numbers that determine the number and timing of their participation in the competition. Contestants will perform their mandatory program with the accompaniment of concertmasters. 2-2 arias in each round. In the final round, the contestants will have to repeat one aria from previous rounds and sing one new aria. As a result, the contestants must present 5 arias to the public.

Fans and interested individuals from all around the world will be able to watch the competition, learn about the project sponsors, and access websites and links outlining their activities through the competition and festival website, which will be distributed on music platforms globally. It is also planned to broadcast the competition on live stream and show the final concert thru the festival’s page on Facebook.
After completion of each round, at the end of the day, the digest of the competition will also be televised.

Founder and president of the competition: laureate of Giuseppe Verdi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart International Competitions, the owner of the honorary medal of the Vienna State Opera, performer of the world opera stages, Soprano Tamar Iveri.

The main supporters of the festival are the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Batumi City Hall and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Adjara, the Ministry of Tourism and the Chamber of Commerce of Adjara.
The Golden Voice competition, within the framework of Batumian Rhapsody, aims not only to attract, identify and promote talented young singers worldwide but also to assist further development in the field of culture and tourism of the Adjara region and, in particular, of Batumi around the world.
Moreover, the competition will give our country’s emerging singers a rare opportunity to present their art before the world’s leading opera representatives without leaving the country (which is connected to great expenses).